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Send half of your students to the other room while half of the students in that class come to best site to buy research paper your room. After the reading session, the students can talk and draw pictures about the story. You will need to guide the older students in the process of soliciting a language- experience story. The invention of a language-experience story starts with a lively discussion. From the topic(s) in this discussion, the younger student tells the story, using his or her own language, while the older student writes it down. Have the younger students dictate their stories to the older students who act as amanuenses.

Extension Older students can write and illustrate a poem about a character in the book. Younger students can make puppets and put on a play. Students with common interests, even though they have varying abilities, can tutor and motivate one another.

Objective To afford opportunities for students to take part in, and increase motivation through, reading experiences in a variety of heterogenous ability groups. Procedures Group your collection of reading materials according to the interests of your students. Assign them to groups according to the subjects that they enjoy reading. Change the groupings often so that each student belongs to several different groups and, consequently, has several group identities. Rozelle, Australia: Primary English Teaching Association, 1984. Observation Students are likely to remain more highly motivated when they are not stigmatized by inflexible grouping arrangements. C BEST COPY AVAILABLE 33 19 Classroom Reading Strategies and Skills Synonym and Antonym Cloze Brief Description ED 263 519 Parker, Richard.

Rozelle, Australia: Primary English Teaching Association, 1984. This lesson provides an activity using synonyms and antonyms to help students improve their system of semantic cues when reading through an aided cloze technique, making occasional use of a dictionary or thesaurus.

To develop reading strategies and promote the development of vocabulary in context by having students suggest appropriate words to fill gaps deliberately best site to buy research paper left in a given text. Explain to your students the procedures involved in doing a cloze activity. In these particular procedures, selected words are deleted from the text. A synonym or an antonym is placed in parentheses at the end of the blank. The students then use their semantic cuing system to place an appropriate word in the blank.

The following are the words one would expect in the blanks in the examples on the next page: Synonyms 1. Jim was (elated) when he heard the (wonderful) news.

The waiter brought her order (slowly) but (remembered) her water. Rozelle, Australia: Primary English Teaching Association, 1984. Brief Description In this lesson, students use cloze activities to help improve their use of context as an important part of a word-recognition cuing system. Objective To increase reading comprehension through improved use of context by having students suggest appropriate words to fill gaps deliberately left in given text. Procedure Explain to students the procedures involved in using a cloze activity. Judge cloze responses on whether they convey the meaning rather than on whether they are the exact words used by the author.

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The "Scratch-it Cloze" is best site to buy research paper implemented through the use of overhead transparencies on which selected words have been blotted over in the text by correction fluid. Project the sentence, and after your students have suggested what the missing words are, the blotted words can be revealed by scratching off the dried correction fluid with a coin. The "Zip Cloze" is similar to the "Scratch-it Cloze" except that you use masking tape or post-it notes to cover the words on the transparency. The "Zip Cloze" procedure can also be used on big books or any reading material by applying self-sticking removable strips. The word chosen can be written on the strip of tape or self-sticking removable notes, and then the cover is zipped-off to reveal the word that the author used. Observation The "Scratch-it" and "Zip-off" procedures are highly motivating because they allow for immediate reinforcement. This technique to practice word-recognition cuing strategy proves to be much more motivating for students than does the traditional pencil-and-paper cloze technique.

Ordinary cioze exercise often are frustrating to students. By setting best site to buy research paper up their favorite, high-interest library books for use as a cloze exercise, you not only strengthen their use of context best site to buy research paper as a source of cues for meaning but also you engage them in alternative thinking: "The author said this, but he or she might have said that. Objective To encourage students to make predictions about the next word, phrase, or idea when you are reading to them. Procedure Explain to your students that making predictions as they read is an important part of becoming proficient in reading, and that making accurate predictions will cause reading to become more meaningful, and therefore a more enjoyable experience. Discuss the possible differences between what they predict and what is in the text. Celebrate intelligent alternatives as "possibles," and do not put them down as "wrong answers.

Rozelle, Australia: Primary English Teaching Association, 1984. The material can be age- appropriate for them even if some are not reading at grade level.

Prediction — important reading strategy — can be practiced and transferred to the reading process by even reluctant readers through an enjoyable process, rather than through print and paper and pencil. The text of the story from which this example is taken reads: "... Possible answers: special meal, holiday gathering, large groups of people, some people have bigger houses — with dining-rooms — than do other people. Grandma put several apples, a rolling pin, flour, sugar, butter, milk, spices, and a large round metal pan on the kitchen counter. Procedure Explain to the students that they can become more proficient readers by paying attention to grammar, spelling, and meaning.

Rozelle, Australia: Primary English Teaching Association, 1984. Objective To provide students with directions that will enhance their chances of being successful readers of text content. Procedures The Directed Reading Lesson teaching technique used in a lesson format generally has three stages: Stage One: Preparation for Reading Classroom observation has shown that the preparation stage is often over-looked or skipped.

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