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Even those students who wrote between three to five pages expressed a disdain for the UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 228 assignments.

The overall perceptions of the students seemed to indicate that the amount of writing they had to do in their high school English Language Arts classes was not sufficient.

The kinds of writing reported on the surveys, while not necessarily fill in the blanks, did tend to be still heavily weighted towards short answer questions. Virtually all of the students surveyed reported that they had to write short answer style questions in their English Language Arts classes. They also reported writing a variety best online paper writers of other assignments ranging from poems to research papers. The sheer variety of writing assignments reported by students does seem to indicate that the types of writing assignments are different than those observed by Applebee (1981, 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (2006). The data from this study demonstrate that, while students are required to write in a greater variety of styles than Applebee (1981) had reported, they are still writing relatively short assignments in high school English Language Arts classes. The kinds of assignments required in high school English Language Arts classes tended to be stand-alone assignments that are completed independently of other writing assignments (i. This may make it difficult for the students to apply what they have acquired in one assignment to another similar assignment.

The implications of this finding concern high school curriculum. Perhaps students would be better served if teachers were to identify connections between the different writing strategies used in individual best online paper writers assignments.

This might facilitate student awareness of the ways best online paper writers in UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 229 which the skills they acquire in one assignment could be transferred to other assignments both in the course and in other courses in which students were expected to write papers of a similar kind. The next section will look at the differences that students perceived what is the best college essay editing service between the high school writing environment and the first- year university writing environment.

Differences in the Writing Environment between High School and First- Year University Instructor Expectations Students (18 of 20) in this study found that they had to adjust their writing strategies in order to conform to the new expectations of university instructors. The students reported that teacher expectations in high school did not seem to be as high as those of instructors in university. As noted above, Applebee (1993) came to the same conclusion. They struggled to understand how writing expectations could have changed so much from high school to university. They felt inadequately prepared for conducting research, for analyzing the assignments, for drafting an outline, and for writing an academic essay.

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The students (6 of 20) expressed disappointment that their high school English Language Arts teachers had not held them to a higher standard for written work, especially once they had reached Grades 1 1 and 12.

The results from this study indicated that the students (19 of 20) perceived that some of their teachers UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 230 in high school did not have high expectations for them and that they could write a paper the night before and still receive a high grade. They reported that they did not understand instructor expectations for writing assignments and were often left wondering what they needed to do to get a good mark. They reported that they understood how to get good marks in high school but that these strategies were not working in university. The students in this study were surprised to discover that each instructor in first-year university seemed to have a different set of criteria for marking papers. This caused the students considerable anxiety as they struggled to understand the kind of writing they would need to produce in each course. The results from this study indicate that first-year students are more comfortable with writing situations in which instructor expectations have been clearly articulated. First-year instructors could help ease the transition from high school to university by clearly stating their expectations for each assignment and by providing rubrics that illustrate the way in which assignments will be marked as well as models such as scholarly articles. Students also reported difficulties in adjusting to the need to conduct research for university-level writing assignments. In high school, the students were not usually expected to conduct research for their essays. Students who did undertake research were generally permitted to use general purpose search engines (e. Some students reported that they were expected to cite their sources and to include a bibliography or reference page but that teachers were not particular about the degree to which students followed the format. Given the fact that most of the students (12 of 14) in the study reported that they had not done research for their high school writing assignments, it is not surprising to find that they also reported difficulties in learning to conduct research in university. Freedman and Pringle (1980) reported that university assignments required some element of research that was not expected in high school assignments which did lead to some difficulties for first-year students. Students described the problems they had with finding suitable evidence for their essays, with analyzing the sources they found, and with understanding the way best online paper writers in which they were expected to incorporate the sources into essay help introduction their essays.

These difficulties were compounded by their confusion regarding the use of opinion in an academic essay.

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