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In adaptations of this assign- ment, I have required a research component (five sources) and an annotated bibliography describing how each source was used to develop the discussions. Pedagogical Rationale I now teach at a private, residential Catholic university and have found versions of these assignments appropriate for advanced writing and writing-across-the-curriculum courses, with students often engaging issues important to their majors or career paths. Here are a few examples of the work students produced: (1) one advanced composition student, following a church trip to Haiti during his spring break, wrote a powerful discussion between form- er Presidents George Bush and Jean-Bertrand Aristide regarding U. No single writing assignment addresses all students need to know to deftly maneuver argumentative discourse, but I have found several benefits to this assignment. Students are often drawn to write about issues they care about. A conversation between several speakers helps them avoid dichotomous thinking. Over the years, the student audience for this assignment has differed across skill level and institutional makeup. That is, first-year writers at a private school were no more prepared, and no less willing, than their urban counterparts to consider alternate sides of an issue. The writers actually experienced some of the same challenges in at- tempting to construct views other than those shaped by their re- spective locations. The same observation could be made about students with different writing abilities or those who compose from particular disciplinary vantages. Each one must learn to WRITING ASSIGNMENTS appreciate the importance of context, see shared connections, recognize that all tensions cannot be reconciled, and live with difference. This lesson applies to writing students and teachers alike: By working together toward a multivoiced, contextualized view of argument, we can acquire the persuasive strategies to become effective rhetors in the twenty-first century. As part of my introduction to argument, I often rely on a small group in-class workshop similar to the one described in the Context- ualizing Conflict section. Up to this point, you have examined an array of possible issues which might serve as the basis for your dramatic dialogue.

In this writing prompt, yon will be concentrating on constructing personas for your discussion.

That is, you need to discover for yourself who these people are as a subtext for writing, uncovering why it is they might hold the views they do before you actually engage them in an informed dialogue. In the space provided, create a character sketch for each of the personas in your dialogue. Persona One: Persona Two: Part I ERIC - 98 - Conflict, Context, Conversation Part II Based on the information you have generated above, best medical school essay editing service do two rushwrites for each individual and bring all your materials to our next class.

Your final assignment asks you to investigate the range of middle voice and builds on the theme of juxtaposition which has characterized many of the readings we have discussed for this course. The essay also ex- pands upon your experimentation with writing genres and incorporates an element of research, requiring you to create a special kind of works cited page called an annotated bibliography. This tactic will allow you to see which of your ideas will generate the richest material for the assignment.

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Length: 5-6 pages Due Date for Rough Draft 1: Copies for peer group and instructor.

They cross cultural contexts, historical circumstances, gender, race, and personal and public styles of composing.

In a way, these essays are in dialogue with one another about any number of is- sues. What might Frederick Douglass have in common with Mr. For this assignment, you need to provide some initial background or context for the conversation.

It is not necessary that you resolve the issues you raise — just that you flesh them out enough so the reader can follow the strands of conversation and the position of each speaker. To help you get started, here are some basic guidelines: (Refer to itemized list above). Negotiating Differ- ence: Cultural Case Studies for Composition.

Mulder Jefferson Community College SW M y composition teaching takes place on the suburban cam- pus of the community college in Louisville, Kentucky. The challenge I face is one of introducing students to the critique of our capitalist culture, on which they have based their aspirations for success.

I also, however, want to affirm their faith in the Ameri- can Dream and inspire them to create a vision of the United States that can sustain and enrich their lives as well as accommodate diversity and inclusivity. I recommend the approach I take be- cause it best medical school essay editing service is a means not only of acknowledging the weaknesses of our American system but also of providing a vision and a series of goals that cheapest essay writers can affirm the hopes and dreams of these students.

Our students are almost universally first- generation college students, 132 - 102 - Liberal Arts in a Cultural Studies Composition Course typically working students in their twenties or thirties, but often displaced middle-aged workers. They are trying to find their way in an economy that no longer offers the kinds of jobs in manu- facturing that enabled their parents to move into the middle class by relocating to the city from small Kentucky towns or the mili- tary life of nearby Fort Knox. Furthermore, while many of these students are heavily invested in their part-time jobs, working long hours to be able to attend college, they need to be encouraged to make a similarly serious investment in their college course work. My approach, using both cultural critique and the liberal arts, helps them see that their investment in higher education must include such things as critical thinking as well as more specific job skills. The text begs for a cultural studies approach to its material since its essays argue that the media have a heavy influence on commodity-hungry Americans. Miss- ing from the text is any challenge to the argument the text mounts against the inadequacies of our consumer culture and our bank- rupt capitalism. The problem we face is that students can simply dismiss the critique the text attempts to introduce to them. Alternatively, students may become disillusioned and despair about their prospects. This material was known in earlier eras of composition best medical school essay editing service teaching as the liberal arts tradition. For their second assignment, they must incorporate a quote from their text into their discussion of an issue raised in one of the essays from their text.

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