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This might be expected, as most teachers would still have been in the same school as they were in their induction year, and schools that support their NQTs well are also likely to support their early career teachers well. In the multivariate analyses, given the association with school support (a more influential predictor of EPD outcomes), the effectiveness of professional development in the induction year emerged less strongly. This best mba essay writing service finding thus provides some support for the notion that a coordinated, coherent approach to the support and professional development of teachers early in their careers is important.

To sum up briefly so far, using the teacher survey data, the EPD experiences that teachers reported have been examined against the outcomes they cited in order to determine which of these experiences were statistically associated with the outcomes derived. School support and teacher autonomy were particularly influential - both independently predicting outcomes.

To a lesser extent, the effectiveness of the induction was associated with the outcomes. It is to the results of this analysis that we now turn.

During the interviews in the case-study schools, teachers were asked what they regarded as the main impact of EPD.

As Part two conveyed, case-study teachers cited improvements related to their teaching practice primarily and also their career development.

After identifying the main impact of EPD, they were asked what aspect of EPD had led to this impact.

In this section, the aspects cited in relation to improvement in teaching practice are considered first, followed by those which teachers linked with career development. Do I need to take this on and talk to somebody about it? So, time, scientific paper writing services I think, has been brilliant out of all of it (Teacher, primary, year 2 case-study data).

Thus, the EPD initiative could be said to have raised the profile and to have provided teachers with the opportunity to focus on their career development more than other CPD opportunities available. Interviewees specifically citing their enhanced commitment to teaching as the main impact of EPD attributed this to the freedom to choose their professional development programme and the EPD funding available. The additional monies and the autonomy to spend it made these teachers feel valued and led them to reflect on how they wished to proceed in their careers. In addition, among those teachers regarding best mba essay writing service commitment to teaching as the main EPD impact, a number related this to EPD-specific input on career development led by their LEA or convened by their LEA and led by a local HEI.

In addition to the EPD scheme as a whole, in all three years of the study, mentoring was commonly regarded as contributing to career-related impacts for case-study teachers. A number of teachers who felt that the main impact of EPD was that it had enabled them to think about their career, obtain advice, gain ideas about progressing, and had assisted in actual career progression and promotion were more likely to attribute this to mentoring. On the course, our tutor, was actually quite good at showing us different paths we could take in teaching in the form of a career.

It helped me to look broader (Teacher, primary, year 3 case-study data). So I think the mentoring side of it has had the biggest personal essay writers impact (Teacher, secondary, year 3 case-study data). The comparative survey to teachers in matched schools outside the pilot paper writing service college areas allows us to contrast the experiences of the EPD and comparative samples.

Any differences between the two samples then assists in throwing further light on the distinguishing features of EPD.

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As Part two showed, participants best mba essay writing service in the EPD scheme consistently reported far greater outcomes from their EPD than the comparative sample registered gaining from their professional development opportunities. As part of the analysis to establish the elements of EPD central to achieving outcomes, the experiences of EPD and the comparative teachers were first contrasted to ascertain where any differences between the two samples lay. Secondly, in order to examine specifically why EPD teachers had registered stronger intentions to stay in the teaching profession, analysis examined associations between ratings of the likelihood of remaining in teaching and aspects of their current experience. And, as Part four will document, these types of best mba essay writing service activity were highly rated for their relevance and impact on practice. Furthermore, EPD teachers were able to spend more time on their professional development. However, were the more positive impacts derived by EPD teachers solely attributable to this additional time or were there other influential features inherent in the EPD experience? To explore this, multivariate analysis techniques were employed to establish the factors which were independently associated with the overall impact of professional development reported by the EPD and comparative teachers.

This possibly signals that over and above the additional time spent on professional development by EPD teachers, there were other specific characteristics of the EPD experience that were contributing to the greater outcomes generated for participants. Funding would have been a key area but how else did the experience of EPD and comparative teachers differ? Analysis lent further weight to the centrality of teacher autonomy and school support (already identified as key by the multivariate analysis of the EPD teacher survey data) as there were found to be differences between the EPD and comparative samples in these areas. Autonomy over professional development The degree of control over their professional development was a principal difference between the EPD and comparative teacher samples. Therefore, the greater autonomy of the EPD sample as a whole, compared with the comparative teachers, seems likely to be one of the factors contributing to the higher outcomes derived by the EPD teachers.

The role of school support A further difference between the EPD and comparative samples was seen in the extent to which teachers perceived that their school had supported their professional development needs and interests. Both the EPD and comparative surveys included a question which asked respondents to indicate on a five -point scale how far they felt their school had supported their professional development over the past year. Close to two-thirds of EPD teachers (64 per cent) but one-half of the comparative sample (49 per cent) felt their schools had been supportive and gave a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5. In particular, third year EPD teachers were considerably more likely than third year comparative teachers to report feeling supported by their school. Similar analysis on the comparative questionnaire data further corroborated the need for school support, revealing that, within the comparative sample, perceived school support was associated with a higher overall impact of professional development.

Therefore, the higher level of school support discerned by the EPD sample as a whole 9 Because the comparative survey was conducted in the second year of the evaluation, the results for this sample are compared with the responses of EPD teachers to their questionnaire in year 2.

Further factors There were two further features of EPD that might also help explain the greater outcomes derived by participants: contact with the LEA and mentoring.

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