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Parents read storybooks aloud to their young children who are not yet able to read on their own. As the parents and young children road books, parents cut blank leaf shapes out of paper, write the tit lo and author of the book, and give the leaf to the child to color and add to a stalk that the parent has cut out of paper (or drawn on paper that hangs on the wall). Extend the height of the stalk as more books are shared between the parents and child.

They write the titles of books they have read onto leaves and add the leaves to the bookstalk. Sacramento California State Department of Education, 1989.

ERIC Reading Fun and Games -Growing a Bookstalk Comment Parents and Children Together is a monthly audio magazine (audio cassette with uuoklet) for parents and children, ages 4-10, best mba essay editing service to read together.

An Old-West Classroom Brief Description These activities motivate students to participate in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Students best mba essay editing service will be assigned to committees for planning, constructing, furnishing, and developing the Old West town setting. Start a discussion, invite nominations, and then hold an election so that the students may pick a name for their town. Materials may include wood, cardboard, furniture boxes, and old clothes donated by parents. Your role will be to oversee the construction of the small town, help planners focus and clarify their ideas, and be a liaison between the classroom and the homes.

Sacramento: California State Department of Education, 1989. Objective To promote student reading outside of school. Procedure The simple procedures can be followed to put any principal on the roof: 1. Prepare a weekly home reading form so that students can record the number of minutes they read at home.

Request the parents to sign the foims and return them to school each week.

Have students total the number of minutes per week of reading time each has logged. Ask students to total the number of minutes that their class has read.

Have the principal post the class totals on a schoolwide chart displayed in a prominent place in the school. Encourage older students in the school who have met their goals to help the younger students. Arrange to b-we a desk, telephone, and other recessities on the roof so that the principal can continue his or her work for the designated day. Coordinate times with other teachers so that different classes can see the principal at work on the roof. Sacramento: California State Department of Education, 1989. To develop active cooperation between parents and teachers. To encourage students to read for pleasure during their leisure time. Procedure An excellent time to initiate the effort to involve parents is at parent-orientation evenings.

The time can be used to promote and explain parent involvement in school activities. The program promotes the idea of reading for enjoyment. Inform parents of the number of minutes in the suggested reading period (perhaps 20 or 30), and suggest ways that the parents and children can share books together.

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Remind parents that the TV or radio should be turned off during the reading periods.

Finally, refer parents to the school or local library for books that their children might enjoy.

While the rules may vary, there are a few basic guidelines: At school, you need to announce the contest, its purpose, ERLC 70 S4 Reading Parties— Parents as Partners and the dates for the beginning and end of the best mba essay editing service contest.

Explain that family members will take turns reading to all those in the family who will listen. Ask that a record be kept at home of the number of minutes thrt family members spend reading and listening. The name of the book and the time (in minutes) of each reading are to be written on a 3 x 5 card, and the cards are to be sent to schcol once each week.

At school, the class can record the names of the books that were read. At regular intervals, winners can be announced for each class, grouped by primary and intermediate. Encourage students to invite their classmates to join in the family fun so that no one need feel left out. You can encourage writing at home in a variety of ways, and some suggestions to parents are offered here. Parents need to appreciate every early attempt at writing by praising writing efforts.

Writings can be displayed on the refrigerator or on a family bulletin board. Copies of the writings can be made and sent to grandparents. Suggest to parents that they encourage their children to enter writing contests.

You may recommend it to parents of your students, and make use of it yourself. Objective To encourage interest in books by bringing children and literature together in a party setting. Procedure Begin by sending invitations to the guests to come to a party dressed as their favorite storybook characters, and to bring the books in which the characters are featured. From this point on, the activity can easily be adapted for students of different ages. The following are a few suggestions that will be fun for everyone: Have games in which the characters must be identified from their costumes. Indoors or outdoors, have a parade of the characters.

Have the students read the story (or parts of the story or a brief summary). Sacramento: California State Department of Education, 1989. Observation No one is ever too young or too old for the enchantment of a story party. Participants talk, eat, sing, play, snack, see movies, listen to stories, and read. Sacramento: California State Department of Education, 1989.

Brief Description "Books and Birthdays" is a voluntary program in which a student gives a book to the school library on his or her own birthday. To increase the numbei of books on the shelves of the school library.

Procedure To implement "Books and Birthdays," do the following: 1. Accompany the presentation with the singing of "Happy Birthday," and ask the class to express their appreciation to their fellow student for the gift. Arrange for the student to take the book donation to the library, and place it with the existing collection of donated "birthday books.

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