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Unlike some of the other prewriting techniques, tak- ing stock should be done deliberately, with great thought given to each question. Do not rush or include every idea that comes to mind. Even if you are being timed, take a moment to give the best answer you can for each question. The better focused your answers are, the more information you will have to use in your essay. These questions will help you to quickly develop a great deal of information about your subject. Be flexible and use the format as it best fits your topic. Admissions essays and some exit essays are intended to be personal, so you must best essay review services focus on yourself. Take time answering the personal, taking-stock questions below. READING GOOD WRITING Consider your print diet: what are you reading in your spare time? This is an important question because what you read can influence what you write. Syntax, structure, and style can improve under the influence of writers who are masters at their craft. The following list is based on suggestions made by English professors and teachers, col- lege counselors, and admissions officers.

It includes books and periodicals that cover cur- rent events, book reviews, science, history, race relations, sports, and other topics. Some people like outlines, both creating them and working from them.

Others find them inef- fective and should look at different techniques for imposing a scheme onto their prewrit- ing notes. OUTLINE Creating an outline begins with a reading of your prewriting notes.

First, group related ideas together, looking for major topics (which can be headings) and minor ones (which can be subheadings, examples, or details).

Define your major points, and rearrange them until they make sense and follow a logical progression. You will be able to see the relationships between your ideas as you outline them, and determine their importance (major point, minor point, example, detail). If you need more supporting details or facts — subcategories — you can add them now. As you outline your information, use one-word topics, short phrases, or write out full sentences for each point on your outline. If your prewriting notes are somewhat organized, you can use the outlining feature included in most word-processing programs to create an outline. Otherwise, arrange them yourself in a standard outline form using Roman and Arabic numerals and upper and lower case letters: www. Once you have completed an outline, revise and refine it by following these steps: 1. Go over your outline and circle, underline, or highlight your major points or images. Brainstorm words and phrases that will accurately and concisely express those points (jot them down in the margin of your outline, or use a separate sheet of paper). Use this list and your outline to guide your writing. Do not allow yourself to stray from your best essay review services goal or your major points. Below it, write the major parts and join them to the thesis with lines. Next, write the minor parts beneath the major ones, connecting them with lines. Finally, your details should be added under the parts to which they correspond. Local school boards should not be allowed to ban books. Parents and others should trust that we can read conflicting viewpoints and still hold our own values.

Education is about opening minds, and censorship is about closing them.

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They will not see the framework behind your words, but instead will encounter each word, and thus each idea, one at a time. With that in mind, organize your notes into a list based on one of the following strategies: 1. Order of Importance: rank supporting ideas from most important to least impor- tant, or vice versa. Chronological: organize your ideas in the order in which they did happen or will happen. List: create best essay review services a roster of items of equal importance. General to Specific: state supporting details, then the main point, or vice versa.

In the case of college admissions, readers will have so many essays to read that they will spend only a few minutes on each. Exit and SAT essays will receive some- what more time and attention, but it still holds that one reader will be responsible for a large number of essays. That is why it is imperative that you not only impress your reader (s) with your unique take on a topic, but also say exactly what you mean as clearly and, in many cases, as concisely as you can.

Your essay goal is to convey information, including the fact that you can write well. Learning how to be a clear and accurate writer will help make your essay readable, and will guaran- tee that those who read it understand exactly what you mean to say. The five guidelines in this chapter show you how to clarify your writing. Ambiguous language can either be words and phrases that have more than one meaning, or word order that conveys a mean- ing different from the one intended by the writer. Example: The quarterback liked to tackle his problems. This sentence can be read two ways: the quarterback likes to deal with his problems, or his problems are his opponents on the field whom he grabs and knocks down. This kind of confusion can happen whenever a word has more than one possible meaning. The quar- terback liked to address his problems is a better sentence, and is unlikely to be misunderstood.

Example: My advisor proofread my essay with the red sports car. Here, the word order of the sentence, not best essay review services an individual word, causes the confusion. Because the phrase with the red sports car is in the wrong place, the meaning of the sentence is unclear. Try instead: My advisor with the red sports car proofread my essay. Ambiguous: She almost waited an hour for her friend.

Ambiguous: A speeding motorist hit a student who was jogging through the park in her blue sedan. Clear: A speeding motorist in a blue sedan hit a student who was jogging through the park. One way to accomplish this is to use pow- erful and specific adjectives and adverbs. Consider the difference between these sets of sentences: Sentence A: My grandmother put on her sweater. Sentence B: My grandmother put on her cashmere sweater. Sentence A: The football team practiced in the rain. Sentence B: The football team practiced in the torrential downpour.

The right modifiers (adjectives and adverbs) can also get your message across in fewer, more accurate words. This is critical in an essay with a specified length. MODIFIERS QUALIFY AND QUANTIFY Qualify means to modify or restrict. In this sentence, words that qualify are in italics-. I am applying for a civil engineering internship with the New York State Department of Transportation.

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