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S 1: Maybe you should just set it at your best essay helper house and nothing at all about — W : Nothing at all about there? S 1 : Yeah, well, set it down there and talk about how much you had to change, and look back and say how much she must have had to. In evaluating the successfulness of her collabora- tions in her discovery paper, the writer points out that there is the possibility that "I ignore the questions 1 am not prepared to answer.

Snapshot 2: Planning a character sketch (Incorporating dialogue and flashback) SI: Okay. Are you going to write a story about her, or use dialogue, or quotes?

I mean her foreign accent in English, but do I write it in the way she would actually have pronounced things, or do I just write it? So I think that would be a good idea and that would help to get your dominant impression across. S 1: Well, I know, but are you going to, do you remember specific conversations that have to do with — W: Well, I think so. I remember conversations with her, with her family, with friends about the drug situation, and I always used to ask her when we were at my house looking around for something to do, "Well, what would you be doing at your house right now?

S 2: Well, maybe if you could do a sort of flash- back to your house from Colombia. It just impressed me that she fit in my family so well without losing her identity.

The dialogue (conversa- tions), which she discusses at length, are not utilized in the paper either. They are literally included as I know from past conversations that (See character sketch below. She puts best essay helper down her hair brush and does this immediately. Things of this nature are a frequent occurrence in the LUno family and in all of Colom- bia, as well, I imagine. The father comes home from work and the wife and daughters are expected to do everything for him. In my mind she is a feminist: a young woman in complete control of her life, with a sincere interest in suc- ceeding.

However, I watch this process many times in various circumstances, notice that Malacho does what is demanded of her without ever compromising herself or losit. She goes along with the South American online essay proofreading chauvinist conventions be- cause they are a strong part of her, a major shaping force in her life. She has set tight bound aries for herself within which an amazing amount of freedom is possible.

She maintains the inner strength, ambition, and constant desire for self-improvement I asso- ciate with a tmly liberated woman. Adaptability and liberation were both considered as possible key points. Her supporter, in a part of the session not quoted here, suggested that perhaps the two were related.

In The Cognition ofDiscov- ery: Defining a Rhetorical Problem, Linda Flower and John R. As we might predict from the way writers progressively fill in their image of audience, writers also build a progressive representation of their goals as they write (27). Why, then, did the writer incorporate so few of the writing strategies suggested by her supporters? Her planning transcript seenw to indicate that she was no t yet ready to show the reader a character because she was still confused about the character she chose to depict. If a wri ter is not clear on her key point, a discussion of strategies may not be directly transferable to a first draft of the assignment.

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A collaborative planning session on strat- egies (text conventions) may have been more helpful to the writer after this draft had been written.

As evidenced by the following transcription, neither of the collaborators seemed prepared with a plan at the beginning of this collaborative planning session.

They chose to use the "lef s toss around a few ideas" approach rather than getting feedback on a specific plan. And yet, many of points of discussion concerning key point and the structure of the essay are valid ones, which Shident B incorporated into his es- say.

In fact, it seems that by suggesting that they plan together. A: To see which was making a stronger social statement. B: Statement, yeah, statement is better A: rdbeinterestedtoknowifanyoneisgoingto write about Dinner at the Homesick Restau- rant, B: I might, just to be different. You know, everything I came up with as a good reason for Dinner, I had a counter for it, you know? Maybe we should collaboratively plan collaboratively, you know, work on both of ours at the same time? B: All right, think about this, if you were going to write an essay, what would your main point be? What would top custom essay services be — would you take it like saying that in Black Boy 84 ERLC 8S I B. See the thing that stands out in my mind is about the racism.

You pick out a point and then you do a series of these. I mean I guess we have to find what the points are? I think you find the points in DHR that are strong in tfirms of social, and then you just balance v.. You need to start best essay helper with DHR and then go the other way. Throughout much of the year Student B was a (airly standard five-paragraph essay test writer. He had learned the fonnula aiid used it withlittleinnovation or risk-taking. Many times I had suggested that he review his introductions and pat conclusions.

It is difficult to be precise about what specific best essay helper comment in the tran- scription he is referring to. Early in the session, how- ever, when Student A asks Student B if he thinks anyone will choose Dinner at theHomesick Restaurant as making the more significant social statement, he re spends, " I might, just io be different. In Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, the character of Cody Tull is a victim of his family structure and his own slightly warped mentality. Cody is always concerned that his mother hates him (he gives her good reason) and that Peari loves his brother Ezra more. Cody becomes bitter and rebellious, and Peari cannot handle best essay helper him except through her presentation of herself as a harsh, authoritarian figure. Never in the book is prejudice shown against anyone except Pearl (I think her job could have been better) and Josiah, who suffers from cruel children and Pearl.

But, in Black Boy Richard Wright has to claw himself out of hib desperately poor family while being beaten down constantly by both whites and blacks. Richard goes through childhood with no more than one year of schooling at each new place his family moves. The more he challengfld the white system, the more he would be hurt, and his parents knew that.

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