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It is difficult to be precise about what specific comment in the tran- scription he is referring to. Early in the session, how- ever, when Student A asks Student B if he thinks anyone will choose Dinner at theHomesick Restaurant as making the more significant social statement, he re spends, " I might, just io be different. In Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, the character of Cody Tull is a best custom paper writing service victim of his family structure and his own slightly warped mentality. Cody is always concerned that his mother hates him (he gives her good reason) best essay writer company and that Peari loves his brother Ezra more. Cody becomes bitter and rebellious, and Peari cannot handle him except through her presentation of herself as a harsh, authoritarian figure. Never in the book is prejudice shown against anyone except Pearl (I think her job could have been better) and Josiah, who suffers from cruel children and Pearl. But, in Black Boy Richard Wright has to claw himself out of hib desperately poor family while being beaten down constantly by both whites and best custom paper writing service blacks.

Richard goes through childhood with no more than one year of schooling at each new place his family moves. The more he best custom paper writing service challengfld the white system, the more he would be hurt, and his parents knew that. As he goes into adulthood he finds prejudice everywhere— on the street, on the job , in the library etc. A hypothetical meeting between Cody and Richard would be interesting. Maybe, but only because both grew up with quite a lot of hate, not because of outright prejudice. Only an autobiography gets that close to the hatred. Commentary on Essay Test As indicated earlier, this essay offers evidence that Student B is achieving greater autonomy as a writer. He is willing to take risks rather than follow the standard five-paragraph essay — introduction— devel- opment with three major points — conclusion— format.

Before engaging in the planning session, the stu- dents in the class had been presented with two means of comparing and contrasting. Student B argues convincingly for what he terms the "block" (subject-by-subject) method as opposed to the poiut-by point methcd, which Student A says she is used to. He points out that when one novel is the stronger choice overall, the writer should discuss the weaker of the two first and then move on to build his case in favor of the other novel. His essay does, in fact, follow the structure for which he argues, as evidenced by the text. This collaborative planning session and text also best custom paper writing service offer evidence that students become autonomous as writers when they become their own supporters, i.

Assignment: Plan and write a narrative which MAKES A statement ABOUT FAMILY The writer of the following family narrative has lots of ideas, none of which have been thought through carefully or fully, as evidenced by his opening com- ment s in the collaborative planning session: "I kind of came up with the idea of. His supporter, however, is quite adept at listening and asking good questions which enable the writer to de- velop his plan. Occasionally, the supporter offers suggestions via his questioning technique, such as when he asks the writer if he would like to use charac- ters of different ages. A final decision about setting enables the writer to consolidate his plan. I thought Td try forties, you know guys coming together for a reunion or some- thing, or real life, like on an army base or a nursing home or a hospital you know?

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And I want to do it so if s not real long, you know.

S: Are you going to go back into any flashbacks or into any memories or? S: Do you have any idea of what they have in common?

I kind of like the idea, and I think it should probably be easier to write if they knew each other best custom paper writing service in advance. But I guess I would like for each to discuss their different aspects of family life, you know? Or would you like to do like the point of view of a person in his thirties compared to like a kid of age seven? The big brother is all grown up and has kind of a fun life, better than the younger one.

The adult will be a kind of mentor to the kid, I guess.

Do you think that this has to take place in any particular setting to make it work better?

Theboystudied hislaugh and tried topicture the old man as a kid out of the wheelchair, out of the nursing home, just running around with friends. Mom calls me her little baby in frontof my friends. His willingness to do this brothers, but he couldn t do it. Grandpa, why did you want me to call you that and not your regular name. ERIC Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Processes, and Assignments 87 Commentary on Family Narrative The writer of this narrative says this about his collaborative planning in his discovery paper: As I would learn as the year went on, paying attention to the questions posed by my partner was the single most important thing that I could do as a planner. In my compare- contrast essay, I had to compare two novels and tell which raised the more significant social issues and why. Before we began our session, I already knew the side that I wished to take. Instead, when the questions became difficult, I would shy away and not answer them. I came into this session with only vague idetts of what I wanted to write. We started our discussion by trying to decide what age group I should deal with.

My partner asked me if I liked the idea of having a large age difference between my characters, and I reacted to the idea very positively. Asit would turnout, in my paper, the elder character would be 91, and theyounger would be 12. However, I was still missing some key point in my paper until my partner asked me if the setting would be important. That turned out to be the missing link, and, after that, ideas began to flow. Probably because by answering (with interest) all of the questions I was asked, 1 was able to come up with a strong plan. It was interesting for me to go from having no ideas, to a strong, structured plan in about 20 minutes.

The snapshots presented here are evidence that, as learners, students in any given class, exist on a develop- mental continuum— intellectually, emotioruilly, expe- rientially, psychologically. Generally, I find that stu- dents easily incorporate ideas that are perceived as consistent with and as enhancing their own intentions. They readily incorporate do my term paper for me ideasor strategies with which they are familiar and which do not involve much risk- taking.

Other students, however, challenge thentsel ves to understand a strategy in relation to overall purpose or to relate overall purpose in a strategically unique way.

They have begun to see the importance of reviewing and consolidating a plan via the decisions encouraged through the utilization of the Blackboard Planner.

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