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In those ages all phenomena, whether in the inorganic world, or in varied influences on the human constitution, were unavoidably regarded as direct interventions and acts of the Deity, and were truly described as such in the writings of those periods. Limits of Natural theology, as based in physical science, con- natural theology. At the very utmost it points to providential government in the preservation of an unbroken system of pre-ordained causes for the general good, rather than it sus- ESSAY custom essay writing service toronto I.

If the human mind or human desires best college essay writing services require fuller Spiritual views from manifestations, or aspire to a higher sense of the other sources. Divinity, it must be from other and more spiritual sources that such wants can be satisfied, a philoso- phic natural theology while it cannot furnish such satisfaction, yet at least puts no hindrance in the way of its attainment from other and more appropriate teaching. But both objections seem to me equally traceable to the same primary confusion of ideas as to the real nature of the inductive inferences, and of the obvious distinction between moral and physical causation.

This confusion of ideas pervades the remarks of many otherwise able writers. But " the postulate of a First Cause" is a notion wholly arising from the confusion of ideas just referred to. Objection to The common objection to the argument from merit. In those cases most nearly approaching the nature Apparent want of of human works, such as the varied and endless analogy in the two changes in matter going on in the laboratory of cases. Analogy of It is by analogy with the exercise of intellect, moral cau- sation and and the volition, or power of moral causation, of mind. King in his " Dis- course on Predestination," 1709, 8. So utterly preposterous, indeed, is the whole Pantheism absurd. The whole tenor of the preceding argument is directed to show that the inference and assertion of a Supreme Moral Cause, distinct from and above nature, results immediately from the recognition of the eternal and universal maintenance of the order of physical causes, which are its essential external manifestations. Of the mode of action or operation by which the Supreme Moral Cause influences the universal order of physical causes, we confess our utter ignorance. But the evidence of such operation, where nature exists, can never be lost or interrupted. And in proportion as our more extended researches exhibit these indications more fully and more gloriously displayed, we cannot but believe best college essay writing services that our contem- plations are more nearly and truly approaching their SOURCE. AMONG the endless topics of human inquiry and best college essay writing services controversy, we cannot but observe that those often become the most popular which might have been antecedently pronounced the most unlikely to attract notice: and subjects the most remote from those which ordinarily engross the attention, involve the interests or excite the passions of mankind, and even those of the most imaginary and conjectural cha- racter, have often called forth the most earnest dispute.

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Often, too, it happens that a particular opinion has for a long time been conventionally adopted, or Introduc- tory re- marks. And then, however abstract, or however trivial the subject may be, prepossessions are aroused, and the question is immediately raised into serious importance, and a controversy stirred up whose vehemence is often just in the inverse ratio of the real value or clear evidence of the point at issue, interest felt Men who take comparatively little interest in the in conjec- tural specu- tangible details of real attainable science, feel stimu- lation. Yet, to the question of best college essay writing services the existence of in- Popular be- habitants in other worlds (so impossible really to plurality of 174 UNITY OF WORLDS. And when men had become reconciled to the paradox of antipodes, it was not a much greater difficulty to concede Lunarians, Jovians, Saturnians, and the rest. And thus the general idea of inhabited worlds, under various aspects and with various objects, has been alike upheld by philosophers and poets by divines and popular essayists. Hinted at even by Newton and Huyghens recommended to popular acceptance by the elegant discussions of Fontenelle reasoned upon theologically by Derham and Bent- ESSAY II. At the present day, it hardly needs to be re- Discussion marked, on this subject a contest has been keenly sent day. Nicolas of Cus, who asserted the Heliocentric system before Copernicus, discusses in some measure the nature of the solar and lunar beings, and makes the former more intellectual, more clear and illuminated, than those of the moon, who are "magis lunatici," as in the earth they are " magis materiales et grossi. Kepler expressly argued in favour of Lunarians : " Consentaneum est esse in luna viventes creaturas. Even down to later times, imagination has revelled in devising the kind of existences which may inhabit the planets. Is it probable from concurrent circumstances that our globe is so far a peculiarly conditioned portion of the whole creation as to be the only one privileged in this respect? The question is one which most persons at all statement of the ques - given to contemplate the phenomena of the heavens tion.

But it takes a more precise form, and the real na- ture of the inquiry is more distinctly indicated the more we consider the actual conditions of the sidereal world. The question, probably, first arises with respect to those bodies nearest to us, and which most resemble our earth.

From the obvious General general resemblances between our globe and those others of the solar system which might be regarded N 2 180 UNITY OF WORLDS. The inquiry perhaps is first made, Is our com- panion the moon inhabited? At the present day, from more accurate inves- influence of modern dis- tigations, aided by the recent improvements in coverieson telescopes, the actual structure and physical condi- tion - tions of the planetary bodies of our world, as well as those belonging to the more immensely distant best college essay writing services and vast sidereal systems, have been better known to astronomers, and correct ideas respecting them more familiarly diffused in popular information.

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