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The late Baron Bunsen may be said to have been a person of this class. He has written many works connected with sacred literature, and his name has so long been before the public, that a general in- terest is felt among those, who have not had leisure or an opportunity to study deeply the subjects to which his attention has been directed, to know some- thing definite about the value of his researches and the results to which he has attained.

The expecta- tions of this portion of the public must have been highly raised, when they learned that Dr. Williams had undertaken the very task which they desired to see performed. He is a man of reputation as a scholar, who obtained high academical distinctions, and is in a position of eminence as Vice-Principal of a College for the Education of the Clergy. These circumstances would seem to offer a sufficient guarantee to argumentative essay helper his readers that the information he would present to them would be of the most trustworthy character, and that matters of such deep and overwhelming importance, as the truth and the interpretation of Scripture, would be treated in a manner suitable to their great value and dignity. They could not fail, however slight their acquaintance might be with the subject, to perceive that the tone in which these great questions are treated is, for the most part, that of one who plays with them as if they were subjects for the exercise of ingenuity, rather than questions on which it is of vital importance to us to hold truth rather than error. They would find that Baron Bunsen receives almost as high a meed of praise for missing what his reviewer believes to be the true explanation of Scripture as for discovering it, and that although Dr.

Williams would persuade his readers that Baron Bunsen is im- measurably superior to those English divines who maintain old-fashioned opinions on Scripture truth and prophecy, he generally expresses himself in such a manner that he cannot be charged with holding the opinions he reports. Williams were charged on the strength of this passage with maintaining that the Hebrew text of the Bible contains a manifestly false account of the origin of man, he might reply that he argumentative essay helper has only asserted that Bunsen could not maintain the unity of mankind on this hypothesis.

Indeed, after sketching out some argu- ments in favour of this view of Baron Bunsen, through rather more than a page, he ends with the favourite refuge of reviewers in distress, who are desirous to praise, but not inclined to follow the author they are reviewing, by assuring us that "Ms theories are at least suggestive.

And when an author is put forth as a great luminary to the world, it may be interesting to speculative students to know that his theories are suggestive, but to the great mass of readers the real question must be their truth or falsehood! In the same manner we find the highest praise bestowed on Bunsen for his masterly exposition of a prophecy, where the reviewer declines to follow a It may easily be shewn that the Bible chronology is scarcely elastic at all. It certainly surprises one — and if the subject were less sacred it would amuse a reader not a little — to see with what per- tinacity Bunsen is exhibited as a great discoverer and an admirable guide, not for leading us to truth, but for his ingenuity in dressing up error so as almost to persuade men to accept it for truth.

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Every writer has his own way, and this appears to be his way. We who differ from him toto coelo, can b " Still the general analogy of Scripture. They will remember the praise, and forget the dissent, which is so delicately hinted.

To those who are able to read Bunsen in his own language, or are well acquainted with the subjects he discusses, such ob- servations are quite superfluous. But it is clear that although there is a certain parade of learning in this Essay, it cannot be intended for learned readers, or if it be intended for them, the author is very slenderly acquainted with that which men of learning would require. He can scarcely imagine that any persons capable of investigating the reading and the proper translation of a difficult passage in Scripture, can do anything but smile when he pronounces an opinion upon it ex cathedra, and ventures to attribute im- proper motives to those who take a different view.

They will naturally ask how he has acquired a right to pronounce so peremptorily on questions which the greatest Hebrew philologers have considered to in- volve very great difficulties. It is therefore to -be presumed, from this and other reasons, that Dr. An opinion somewhat similar to this is expressed in a very learned periodical, of which the first number has just appeared, in a German review of the " Essays and Beviews ," where we find in p. Williams, derive their dogmatic views — gave up on paper the original interpretation of the 53rd chapter of Isaiah.

It is clear that the writer views, as I do, the Essay of Dr.

Williams argumentative essay helper believes that it is for the interest of man, and likely to argumentative essay helper pro- mote the advancement of religious truth, that the everlasting contests which have been carried on in Germany about the genuineness of the Scriptures and the truth of their main facts should be imported into our English literature, and occupy a large share of our attention, he has a right to introduce them to any extent he may desire, by writings addressed to those who are capable of investigating the questions thus brought forward : the fair discussion of Scripture difficulties will not endanger the cause of truth, and we, who believe that the truth is with those who are opposed to Dr.

This is a critical journal and review printed at Leipzig, and published at Grotha, by Perthes, hut conducted by Germans living in England.

We have no fear that the truth of Scripture, which has borne for more than a thousand years the battle and the strife of man, will succumb under a puny attack like this. It has survived the assaults of Celsus and Porphyry, of Bayle and Voltaire, of Gibbon and Hume, and it is not very likely that it will fall by the hands of Bunsen and Dr. It is the unfair repre- sentations, the partial and argumentative essay helper the one-sided views of this Essay, announced ex cathedra, and coupled with con- temptuous insinuations against those who hold the ancient opinions, which render it worth while to spend a moment in answering it.

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