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They found that this was usually not their experience best medical school essay editing service in university and that they had to learn how to be more self-directed. They revealed that, in high school, the teachers reminded them of what needed to be done in terms of readings or assignments. By contrast, they found that in first-year university they were responsible for ensuring that they were aware of the schedule for readings and assignments.

Most instructors did not tell them when their next assignment was due, and they had to consult the syllabus for directions.

Miller, Bender, and Schub (2005) found that high school teachers typically get students to use daily planners to keep track of readings and assignments. However, in university, instructors provide a syllabus with course expectations at the beginning of term, and instructors expect students to determine what needs to be done and to decide for themselves when to do it.

Instructor Direction pay to do my paper In commenting on first- year university experiences, students complained that their instructors did not provide enough direction when giving writing assignments. Nine of the fourteen students commented on the amount of instruction that the professors were prepared to give to the students. Some students reported that their instructors were very helpful while others reported that their instructors did not provide enough instruction to help them complete their assignments. They are just there to give you knowledge, and then give you the exam. I found in high school, in past grades, they were very vague about things. She reported that even thesis assistance writing though her instructor did not articulate his expectations regarding the writing assignment, she realized that was not the focus of his course. I think this is one of the problems that first-year students encounter in university.

They admissions essay help do not fully understand that not all courses are writing courses and therefore, the instructor is under no obligation to teach them how to write a paper. This is an important finding considering how classes are taught at university. Many of the instructors are content area specialists but are not writing specialists and perhaps it is not reasonable to expect them to provide the amount of direction that first-year students appear to need if they are to be successful. Caroline also experienced frustration with the lack of clear directions for writing assignments.

In both instances the students reported that some of their instructors were very good about giving direction while others were not. Class size and Anonymity In their review of literature, Scanlon, Rowling, and Weber (2007) found that first-year students often feel anonymous when they begin university and that that feeling of anonymity makes it difficult for them to establish a new learner identity. They are used to teachers in high school who know who they are and are easily approached for help.

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In contrast, students reported that their university instructors were only available to them once a week between set hours and that, due to the size of first-year classes, the instructors did not know them. Many high school students had been used to classes in which they had known the other students for many years and they experienced a sense of isolation in university courses in which they did not know any of their classmates. Cuseo (2007) in his review of literature found that first-year students wanted, and expected, that there would be more interaction with their instructors. They often discovered that this would not be the case, for the most part, due to large class sizes. He further discovered that UNIVERSITY AND admissions essay help HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT large class sizes leads to student passivity, student anonymity, and a lack admissions essay help of individual accountability amongst students. Ten of the fourteen students who were interviewed spoke about adapting to the large classes that are part of the first-year university experience. You can get lost in the crowd, I kind of like that feeling of not like knowing the people you are passing everyday... In contrast to the general findings in the literature, five of the fourteen first- year students interviewed for this study reported that, for the most part, they liked being anonymous in the large lecture theatres.

They found that, because the instructor did not know them, they had to take on more responsibility for getting their own work done.

They realized that the instructor was not going to chase them for their assignments. Li, Finley, Pitts, and Guo (2010) found that students prefer asynchronous tools such as emails to communicate with their professors.

They found that email communication has replaced the traditional office hours format for many students as a means to ask questions or obtain information or additional help.

Students reported that email is simple to use and their overall satisfaction on getting help outside of the classroom was improved. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 215 Kelly, Keaten and Finch (2004) reported that the use of email provides students with more options to interact with their instructors outside of class time. This is especially beneficial for reticent students who were more comfortable using email than meeting with their instructor during face-to-face office visits. The authors further found that reticent individuals often view themselves as having poor communication skills and report that the idea of meeting with their instructors in person made them anxious. The students testified that they were comfortable using emails to communicate with their instructors because they had the time to plan their message carefully, thus reducing their anxiety levels. Stephens, Houser, and Cowan (2009) found that email communication between instructors and students has become common in higher education.

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