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Of course, some students grasp)ed the collaborative planning process quicker thano thers, but I believe, witli practice, all students can. The three stages they were to plan collaboratively were the selecting and limiting of their topic, writing the thesis statement, and writing the outline for the body of their papers. The Assignment Throughout the year we had been looking at heroes in various literary pieces. As a transition from the readings to tlicir research work, we read and dis- cussed an interview with Bill Moyer on heroes. They were to research this person and present him or her through their defi- nition of a hero.

They were encouraged to have some fore thought on their definitions and bring notes to the first session. The students were very enthusiastic from in- ception. Some of the same concerns surfaced for the senior scholars as did the ninth graders initially. The following excerpts from their reflection journals exhibit common student reactions to experi- encing the role of the supporter for the first time. He had fewer problems with the questions (generic samples) than I did.

Julia: admission essay services Being the supporter helped me think about points that were still unclear about my own deBnition of a hero. I think I could have used more feedback from my supporter. It is hard to start off with questions to ask the planner, but when you get those first couple out, it becomes very interesting. I was feeling quite successful with this approach to getting students involved wi th their research papers when things suddenly and unexpectedly became up- rooted. Seemingly, in unison they were jolted into reality — they were doing "a research paper! Text conventions, like a huge, hungry monster, devoured the enlighten- ment, the calmness and enjoyment of making decisions and planning with which the class had begun. It was as if they had emerged from a dense fog and realized, "How could I have possibly conceived the idea that Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Prcxzesses, and Assignments 137 writing a research paper was not going to be stressful! I, on the other hand, was becoming frus- trated also because time was becoming a factor for me too. I only had a limited number of weeks to devote to this assignment. I battled with using the traditional approaches to teaching the research paper, allowing the students to research and write on their own, and with the new approach I was attempting of having the students talking and planning before writing. I do believe there is merit here, and collaborative planning can work for this type of assignment, too. At that point was admission essay services when the planning became the most helpful to me. Ben: I found it easy to plan my paper by talking about it. It helped me figure it out like a person goes to a psychologist to talk about problems he is having. I feel that it could have been very beneficial to the outcome of admission essay services my paper It is important to get feedback from an ob- server. Unfortunately, my experience with my partner did not turn out to be beneficial I received hardly any feedback at all. I totally encourage you to continue this exercise with your students for the next years to come.

Even though I had an idea of what I wanted to say about a hero, I still was a little fuzzy. She kept asking me questions and making me think, really think of how I was going to organize my paper.

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Although the purpose of this research was not to compare teaching at these two grade levels, I discovered that there were similarities and differences. How- ever, reflection was important for both grade levels. Through reflecting both were able to see their writing process. They were able to talk about what they did to reach their goals and assess the effectiveness of it.

For the ninth grade time was essential for modeling and for reflection during and after each step of the process initially. For the twelfth grade time was not needed as much for instruction as it was for the actual planning sessions. I found myself underestimat- ing the amount of time needed. Her 1987 dissertation at the University of Pittsburgh was a participant observer study of basic writers who showed error apprehension.

She and her husband, Charlie, happily ended this year ten years of indentured parenthood as the second of their two children graduated from college. As a veg- etarian and anti-chocolate person, she has been a minority in the this MTV project dominated by meat- eaters and chocoholics. He was named a Christa McAuliffe Fellow in 1989 based on a proposal to examine a writing center as a collaborative learning environment in order to write a training manual for high school peer tutors. He is a past president of the Western Pennsylvania Council of TeachersofEnglishandiscurrentlyitssecretary. Aside from picking on Len Donaldson at MTV Project meet- ings, he enjoys working on computers while listening to jazz. He also works as an educational consultant with Apple Computers in Pittsburgh.

Rebecca Burnett is a Researcher at the Center for the Study of Writing at Carnegie Mellon, where she examines individual and social factors that affect the collaborative planning of documents. Donaldson hasbeen teaching social studies at Peabody High School for over 20 years.

Len joined the project because col- laborative planning intrigued him as a possible tool for promoting critical thinking skills in his classes.

He received his degree at Duquesne University where he and Mike Benedict were fraternity brothers. He also contributes to the project his gift of storytelling which he says he learned from his wife.

Lesue Byrd Evans has taught English at Steel Valley High School for 20 years and is the mother of an active seven-year old. As a latent athlete, she also enjoys writing about her other less challenging activities: mountaineering, rock climbing, fly fishing, skiing, soccer, Softball, running, and triathlons. Linda Flower is a Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University and director of the Making Thinking Visible Project, She is the co-director of the Center for the Study of Writing at the University of California at Berkeley and CMU. At CMU she teaches graduate and undergradu- ate courses in composition theory and processes of composing. Jane Zachary Garcaro has taught English in the Pittsburgh Public Schools for 24 years. For 14 years she was Instructional Teacher Leader in English at Peabody High School.

Currently, she is a curriculum practitioner for the school district, developing curricular units for the Syllabus Examina- tion Program in English, grades 9-12.

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