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Your organization can always be changed or improved upon in your n. The important thing at this stage is to get your ideas down on paper.

Read your writing to yourself first (aloud works best). Make any changes or notes in the margin to yourself.

Then read it to your instructor or to a fellow student as directed. Note these reactions to your writing, especially what your audience thought were the best parts or aspects uf your writing.

Write a second draft, revising the first ( not merely re-copying). Re-read yourself and check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, etc. Use a dictionary and an English handbook if necessary. Read it to your instructor or a fellow student as directed. If you list the Calgary Zoo, for example, list specific areas of the zoo you remember well. Look over your list and star a few places you have a feeling for, whether it is a positive or negative feeling. For ten minutes direct your writing to describing that place in present tense, as if you were there now. For example, M l am sitting on the steps looking down to the basement, it is dark except for the crack of light under the door... Write steadily, without rushing, without stopping, without editing your writing. Re-read your freewriting and mark or highlight whatever ideas, words, or phrases you like. If more ideas come to you, list them at the end of your freewriting.

Take whatever ideas you liked from your freewriting and include them in this draft.

Remember that you are trying to convey write my persuasive paper to your reader a strong sense of the piace you recall. Include images or comparisons that will help the reader to experience this place as you did. Revisin g Read your writing to yourself and make any changes that you wish to academic essay writing service make. Kead aloud to instructor or fellow student(s) as directed.

The audience should be reacting to the content and organization of the paragraph and should check such things as: - Is it clear what place is being described? Is there a pattern to the organization of the details (near to far, top to bottom, inside to outside, etc.

Write the second draft (adding to, deleting, changing, reorganizing, etc.

Publishin g Write or word process a neat final copy. Begin by identifying your point of view toward the subject (affection, admiration, curiosity, irritation, tolerance, etc.

Below your thesis statement, write three headings: Physical Details Personality Traits Life Experiences Now, list approximately ten details that support your thesis statement under each heading. Decide on a method of organization that will develop your thesis statement so that the reader will react to your subject in the same way that you do. To help determine a method of organization, look at your longest list of details. If it is personality traits, you might focus your writing on these details and use information from the other two only as needed to sharpen that focus. Revising Read your composition aloud to a classmate, group or instructor. What point of view was expressed by the thesis statement? Around which category was the sketch organized (physical detail, personality traits, life experiences, or a combination of two or three)? Write a second draft, revising original where necessary.

This may involve adding best thesis writing services details, deleting material, changing details or structure, etc. Reading aloud to another person is the best method to use for locating errors. If sentence fragments are a problem, read your composition backward, one sentence at a time.

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If a sentence unit does not make sense as read, consider attaching it to previous sentence or adding omitted information.

Publishing Write or word process a final, neat copy. Take five minutes to write as many sentences as you can based on this model: M Some people think that. Write an outline or draw a mind map for each opinion, using ideas from your freewriting. Write the rough draft of a composition, developing ideas from your outline or map. Remember, the second paragraph should show a different (contrasting) opinion from the first paragraph or it should correct a misconception you described in paragraph one. For permission to reprint copyrighted material, grateful acknowledgement is made to Alberta Vocational Centre for excerpts from The Writing Lab by Susan McLure, 1987, pp. Writing 15 123 Writing Strand: Writing Theme B l-SEARCH REPORT Students may need assistance in developing research skills, such as locating and gathering information from secondhand sources, analyzing and evaluating the veracity of information, synthesizing information from a variety of sources and extracting needed information. A thoughtlessly assigned research project may become a lesson in plagiarism rather than a useful learning activity.

A logical starting point is academic essay writing service to have students engage in an l-Search Report where the information must come directly to the student through activities such as interviewing or simulated experience (e. The l-Search Report may require extensive time for both in-class and out-of-class activities. A time span of four to six weeks would be appropriate. Students should follow the steps below in creating an l-Search Report. Determine what you already know and what you really need to know by making a chart: WHAT 1 KNOW WHAT 1 NEED TO KNOW 4.

Confer with your write my research paper free classmates and brainstorm for sources of information on your chosen topic. Tell your group how you became interested in the topic and what you need to know. Ask them for suggestions, names, addresses, phone numbers of experts, and so on. Extend your list of possible sources of information. Find experts or authorities, films, tapes, newspapers, magazines, etc. Schedule an interview time that is suitable to them. Prepare interview questions ahead of time to avoid questions that could be answered with "yes" or "no". Know something about the topic before you interview. They often appreciate helping others because it provides the opportunity to talk about something they enjoy. If you are concerned that experts may not have time to spare, begin by asking them where you might look for information and advice on your topic. You have provided them with the opportunity to refer you to other people or locations to obtain information if their time is restricted. Take notes by academic essay writing service jotting down any pertinent information you obtain from the interview. Determine whether the expert is rated highly by peers, whether (s)he publishes in reputable publications, whether the company or institution is respectable and whether the facts and details support each other. Remember that experts are persons who know a great deal about something and they need not hold an official position or be a certain age. FORMAT FOR AN l-SEARCH REPORT An l-Search Report may be organized in four parts, according to the events that occurred during your search. The l-Search Report may be written in a formal or informal manner.

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