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If your essay exam includes a choice of topics, preparation should include practice with different ones, such as academic essay writing help those that require an expository essay, and those that require a per- suasive one. You might even simply outline essays that respond to the various topics.

Put your work aside for a day or two, and come back to evaluate your responses. If you go into the essay exam with this knowledge, it will be much easier to choose academic essay writing help a topic, saving you valuable time and helping to ensure you will do your best work.

They will strengthen your argu- ment, and will make your writing come alive. High school seniors should be allowed open campuses, on which they can arrive in time for their first class, leave during free periods, and come back to school for their other classes. Seniors are also per- mitted to vote, and to prepare for their futures through the college admissions process or vocational training. The second uses evidence, such as the responsibility of driving and voting, to make the case for open campuses.

Remember to back up what you say with evidence, details, and other types of examples. BUDGETING YOUR TIME During your preparation, familiarize yourself with the timing of your exam. Whether you have 25 minutes, or an hour, you should spend time on three distinct tasks: planning, writ- ing, and revising. The writing stage will take the longest, and, for essays that do not hold grammatical and spelling mistakes against you, the revising stage will be the shortest. Planning The subject of prewriting was covered in Chapter 1, where six strategies are explained. Review this material, and decide, based on a few practice essays, which one works best for you.

Know- ing exactly what you will do when you begin the exam will not only help you save time, but it will also take some of the pressure off, too.

Even if you are taking the SAT, and have just 25 minutes for your essay, spend the first three to five minutes planning. Your planning time, no matter the prewriting strategy you use, should involve the for- mation of a thesis statement and academic essay writing help three or four main points. Any supporting evidence for or examples of those points should be included. Once you begin planning, do not be tempted to switch topics, which will waste valuable writing time. Writing Using your planning notes academic essay writing help as a guide, write your essay using paragraphs to separate your major points. Do not go off on tangents, but adhere to your plan. Avoid unnecessary words and phrases, including cliches (review the section on concise word choices in Chapter 2). This person will give you a score based on how well you write and addressed the topic. You are trying to convince your reader that you can write well, and that what you are saying is reasonable and intelligent.

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If you alienate, con- fuse, or offend the reader, your affordable essay writing service essay score will suffer. Revising Some timed exams penalize for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other errors in mechanics. All exams take off points for incomplete answers and failure to address the topic. Leave some time to go over your work and correct or improve any errors.

Be prepared to spend between two to five minutes re-reading your essay.

Arm yourself with a few topics, paper, pen, and a timer, and write an essay. The timer will help you to see how well you do under pressure, and how well you budgeted your time. From prewriting and organization to editing and proofreading, each step in the process was examined. But what does it look like when all the steps are put together? In this chap- ter, you will get to see real prompts and real essays. Not all of the essays are top-scoring essays, but all of them are followed by an evaluation of what made the essay good, or what made the essay weak. Use these comments to reflect on what someone might write in response to one of your essays. That night JT call to tell her about my day and let her cheer me up. JT look up across the field — and see my mother talking slowly toward me. JT knotty, jhes there to bring me to uisit my grandmother, maybe for the last time. F)y grandmother looks as if she is just barely aliue, billing herself to take one more breath. She hues that JT play soccer, always telling me hour lucky JT am to be on a team of girls, and basking in my tales of games uuon and lost. F)y mother uuants me to stay home and uisit the hospital again tomorrow. The academic essay writing help coaches put me on the aduanced team, and JT block out all thoughts of my grandmother and play my heart out — for fifteen minutes.

EVALUATION The writer of this essay detailed her involvement with soccer in a number of places on her college application, from a description of activities, to a recommendation from her coach, to a list of awards. Instead, she combined the experience of trying out for a regional www. The result is a unique piece that tells the reader more about the writer, and displays her ability to convey her feelings and experiences effectively through the written word. For instance, look back to the list of qualities colleges are looking for (page 71). Of the nine qualities, only two are not included (intellectual ability and academic achievement). Next, review the tips on pages 77-78 for avoiding the most common essay blunders. Note how this essay, while it ends with a dying grandmother and failure to make the team, avoids negativity. The writer is honest about her emotions, and comes across as a strong person who, while hurt by the experiences she describes, has the strength and inner resources to keep moving forward.

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