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A deputy principal who had been at the school for 19 yrs essay writing service law described the school culture in the following way: People are encouraged to innovate here and it has been so for at least 19 yrs - the principals are recruited by type. Unusually there are no subject cliques in our staff room. Rather, there is a good atmosphere and a well-used pool table that creates a lot of banter. Staff give them extra time, effort, caring support and treat them as members of staff. Change to School Structure In 2003 the school established a senior and middle school structure to facilitate pastoral care and improve the learning culture. The smaller student cohorts aided programs to minimise bullying and promote multiculturalism.

Keeping staff and students uue 1 1 informed uuas a priority. Catering for a Wide Range of Needs The school needed to cater for students uuith learning disabilities, and those from ESL, refugee, Australian Indigenous and louu socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition, the academic essay writer recent Federal Government initiative for computers in schools had the school anticipating a major upgrade during 2011. Monitoring and Planning Across the school Monitoring, reporting and planning uuas conducted in various uuays and made maximum use of the school committees and meeting schedules. Staff uuere given time to regularly revieuu and plan from performance data. Needs uuere identified in fortnightly operations meetings and in line uuith the school plan. Curriculum Innovation The school constantly monitored and revieuued its curricula in response to fast-changing demographics and the demands of state and national policies. Innovation uuas a uuay of life for staff in this school.

The follouuing examples uuill be elaborated belouu: the Maths Academy and summer school, adapting the GIRL and GIRN programs, the ACCESS program, the VET in Schools program, the Neuu North initiative, the restructured CARE program, and the integrated arts program. Approximately 16 students attended the first summer school in 2009.

The school funded it, and it uuas run by teaching staff ujho volunteered their time in the summer holidays. The assessment data indicated the success of this program through an improvement in student engagement in numeracy in 2011. Getting it Right Literacy (GIRL) and Getting it Right Numeracy (GIRN) programs ujere initiated and funded by the state Education Department to improve literacy and numeracy performance in academic essay writer primary and secondary schools. A specialist teacher ujas appointed to coordinate all professional learning for teachers uuithin this school, and GIRL and GIRM teachers uuithin the school uuere appointed to coordinate and lead the tuuo programs across the school. ACCESS Program This uuas an on-campus literacy and numeracy program for Year 11 and 12 students uuho had shouun limited engagement in Year 10. The ACCESS program has also served as a bridging program for TAFE, enabling students to achieve a TAFE certificate of competence in literacy and numeracy, articulating to TAFE courses.

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Considerable resources have been allocated to this program, including tuuo youth uuorkers, one full-time teacher and five other key support staff: the school nurse, psychologist, chaplain, team leaders, cultural officer. The staff have played an intensive pastoral care role supporting the students in the uuorkplace through regular onsite visits. Funds for ACCESS have come from the SSPRA, the Education Engagement Training and Participation fund, and from the school. The deputy principal in charge stated that enrolments and attendance figures for ACCESS have been high, reflecting its popularity. VET in Schools Program This is a neuu uuorkplace learning support program for Year 11-12 students, endorsed by the state Education Department. It began in 2010, due to the louu completion rate of the UUorkplace Learning course and students not achieving Certificate Trade qualifications. Key initiatives in the program have been to appoint: 1. The course completion data indicated the success of this program through course completion improvement in 2010.

In 2010 the school moved to integrate the arts, through collaborative inputs by media, technology, visual arts, drama and dance, to shouucase arts performance at school assemblies and community events. Partnering In 2010 a school partnerships coordinator uuas appointed for tuuo days per uueek to manage the partnerships already in existence at the school and to develop neuu partnerships. Starting in academic essay writer 2009, the program uuas a collaboration of five geographically linked senior high schools. This school offered seven courses uuithin this program: specialist maths, history, psychology, drama, politics and lauu, biology, and integrated science. The success of this program uuas evidenced through an improvement in senior student subject selection in 2010 and 2011. Restructured Care Program The school had a sophisticated pastoral care system, uuith five key objectives: 1. UJith SSPRfl funding in 2010, the team set about developing a better communication model betuueen all parties to service the needs of students and to feedback information to staff. Most agencies have expressed uu i 1 1 i ng ness to participate in the restructured care program, provided the school shouus interest and good faith in the youth services concerned. The outcomes of this neuu innovation uuere not academic essay writer yet available at the time of data collection (2011), but uuere expected by 2012. The Leadership Team The school executive comprised the principal and tuuo deputy principals, uuho uuere also members of the 15-member School Management Group uuhich met uueekly. The role of the School Management Group uuas to provide directions in all facets of school management.

Other key leadership groups uuere the Middle School and Senior School Operations Committees, uuhich met uueekly and set the agenda for the fortnightly Directions Committee meetings.

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