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Resources LUriting grant applications uuas a regular activity for many staff at the school. As the principal commented, "Projects and special funding make a huge difference and uue could not operate uuithout them. Most of the grant funds uuere spent on employing extra specialist staff, such as a youth uuorker, trades trainer, education assistants and Aboriginal Islander education officers. UJhen funding for successful projects ran out, further funding uuas sought. LUhere no further funding could be found, every effort uuas made to subsume the costs into the school budget. Partnering in a neuu district initiative had also provided extra resources for the students by increasing their range of subject choice. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available The school uias not engaged in developing any academic performance measures. Sustainability of initiatives This school had an admirable record of sustainable innovations, secured by careful academic custom essays monitoring, revieuuing and alignment to the school plan. The regular funding submissions also helped as has had the distributed leadership model and staff culture. LUhat stood out mas the synergistic may in mhich the initiatives aligned to and implemented the school plan. The gross ICSEA for the school uuas very louu at 675, uuith an increase of 60 since 2009. Hotuever, the ICSEA level uuas belouu the data reporting threshold, so NAPLAN data for Years 3 and 5 tuere not available. Year 7 NAPLAN data shouued a significant increase in reading from 2008 (uuell belouj) to 2010 (above similar schools). Numeracy data shouued the Year 7s uuere holding at comparable levels to similar schools. Although the 2010 data for Year 7s uuere still uuell belouu the Australian average, the improvement since 2008 uuas significant. The non-Aboriginal staff at the school comprised first and second year teachers, and the literacy and numeracy editing essay services coordinators, uuho uuere experienced teachers. English uuas a second language and uuas generally not spoken at home. The school spent as much time as possible linking literacy to other school activities. Approach to Engagement The school had a clear goal to improve the learning outcomes of all students. By maintaining district-focused data profiles for each student, the school sought to have little loss of learning and assessment time for those students uuho uuere transient. There was a tone in the school of striving for improvement and the principal asserted "everyone is working to make the school better. The school had a calm and happy tone and there was a positive rapport between teachers and students. The synergistic map below identifies seven key engagement initiatives and their offshoots. The principal told academic custom essays parents not to accept the excuse that their child does not uuant to attend school. Neither did the school accept the excuse that parents could not send their children to school due to a lack of food or clothing, because the school uuould provide this support. The school uuorked hard to encourage phone contact from parents uuhen children uuere absent.

The principal believed there had been a huge improvement in the level of accountability as a result of these efforts. Attendance Officer The school had appointed as its attendance officer a lady from the community uuho had a bus licence and uuorked in the school. On Tuesdays and Thursday she conducted community visits to the homes of children uuho had been absent for tuuo to three consecutive days. She encouraged the parents to send their children back to school. According to the Principal, visits from the attendance officer generally had an immediate response and students uuere back at school the follouuing day.

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The school had referred tuuo students, uuhose attendance uuas significantly louu and shouued no improvement, to a government child protection agency. Kindergarten Because the Kindergarten children uuere bused in from academic custom essays the local communities, their program uuas run for three full days each uueek rather than five half days. The children uuere very focused on Mondays but they shouued tiredness on Tuesdays and LUednesday afternoons.

Therefore, the teacher modified the program, incorporating quiet activities and those targeting fine motor skills in the afternoons. Birth to Three-Year-Olds In 2011, on Thursdays the kindergarten teacher visited one or tuuo of the closest local communities to conduct the zero to three-year-old program. The program uuas intended to be for children and their parents, but parents did not aluuays accompany the children. At each session the attendance varied from tuuo to nine children and zero to five parents.

Only one of the parents had commented favourably on the program, but the teacher had received positive feedback from other agencies in the community and she uuas keen to continue the program in 2012. Numeracy A Getting it Right Numeracy coordinator had been attached to the school since the beginning of 2011, funded through National Partnerships. In addition to uuorking uuith teachers in the school, and uuith teachers in other parts of the district, the coordinator uuas one of the tuuo deputy principals. The coordinator had been a Getting it Right teacher since 2003 and had significant experience in conducting PL to teachers. Approximately one hour each day uuas devoted to the academic custom essays Aboriginal Numeracy Strategy. This strategy uuas being used by some, but not all schools in the area as a means of providing some commonality of approach betuueen schools, thereby addressing the needs of transient students. In 2011, the numeracy coordinator met uuith every teacher in the school every uueek to oversee planning and improvement of their mathematical knouuledge. In addition, the coordinator uuorked in classrooms uuith students, sometimes conducting demonstration lessons and sometimes collecting data. The coordinator also delivered First Steps mathematics PL in after-school sessions to teachers ujithin the school and in the district. The school had implemented a monitoring tool, passed on by the Curriculum Directorate of the state Education Department, to record data gathered through diagnostic tests, test items, and classroom observation. The coordinator believed that the students mere making progress, but they needed a lot of practice and time to develop the concepts.

They also had limited everyday experiences in uuhich mathematics uuas applicable. The coordinator encouraged the teachers to make more visual displays of mathematical items in classrooms and to concentrate more on the teaching of basic facts.

Whole-School Routines The school had several uuhole-school routines to provide structure and a safe environment for students.

Each school day commenced uuith an assembly in uuhich the Principal provided reminders to students, such as the afore-mentioned matter of attendance, and offered verbal reuuards and encouragement. A uuhole- school fitness program in year-level groups follouued. Friday afternoons each uueek uuere Fun Fridays, uuhere the students uuere organised in multi-aged groups to participate in games-related or fun learning activities. Literacy Coordinator The literacy coordinator position (. The role entailed time spent planning uuith teachers and time spent uuorking in classrooms uuith students.

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